micro-moments for micro businesses

what are micro-moments?

In 2015, Google coined the term micro-moments for explaining how people behave on their mobile devices. The idea behind micro-moments are to help you understand your customer's behaviour when they are in need, Google help define these moments of need as:

I want to know moments - when people are researching prior to purchase and are looking for information/inspiration

I want to go moments - when people are looking for places to go, could be looking for places to eat/visit

I want to buy moments - when people are ready to buy and are weighing up their options

I want to do moments - when people want to be shown ‘how to’ do something and are looking for help

how can I use micro-moments for my marketing?

Using micro-moments requires you to understand what your customer journey looks like. Being able to understand what decisions your customers' make at any given time can help you create content that’s relevant for them at the right time.

Creating a customer journey starts with understanding your personas and matching content to their need. bmicro can help with creating your own micro-moments by delving deep into your personas and offering recommendations on what content to create in order to capture customers.

 create your own micro-moments

create your own micro-moments

are micro-moments relevant for my industry?

If your business is in hospitality and retail, then micro-moments are definitely something you should be considering. Being able to understand the touchpoints each of your customers will go through prior to purchase can help you create a better experience for your customers and increase your chances of positive word of mouth (offline and online) and brand loyalty.

It’s particularly relevant for hospitality and retail as people tend to be open to influence when they turn to their mobile device for answers. When people are looking for a place to eat, you need to be at the top of Google local places. When people are looking to buy a consumer good, you need to offer information that helps them make the choice that’s right for them.

People are researching more than ever before. When deciding on where to eat and stay popular choice to find social proof are Facebook Reviews and TripAdvisor. People are becoming more informed before walking into a store and purchasing consumer goods too, popular websites such as Which? and Trusted Reviews are great for elecontrics, while online influencers and their blogs are key for fashion related businesses.

how can I take advantage of micro-moments?

Make the most out of micro-moments and anticipate what your customers are likely to search for by understanding them inside out. As part of our PICE framework we look at personas and content and match the two up so that you can provide real-time and relevant information at the right time to suit your customers needs.

We look at what stages your customers go through and use tools such as Google Trends and your website analytics to find out what content to create in order to provide the most relevant information, at the time they need it.

where can I find out more about micro-moments?

Google have many white papers on micro-moments and are constantly creating great content showing the benefits of using this approach, along with case studies and statistics to reinforce its importance.

Visit the collection of micro-moments brought to you by Google.