public relations for micro businesses

what are public relations?

Public relations also known as PR, is a form of communication that is used for the purpose of maintaining relationships with (but not limited to) journalists, colleagues and clients. PR is a vast and broad service that is different from marketing, however, when linked together they can deliver exceptional results, notably increased brand awareness and ability to build brand trust.

where to start with public relations?

If you’re looking to gain some media attention for your product or service, PR is a strategy that you can use when planning a marketing campaign. For PR to be successful, you’ll want to be able to give bloggers, editors, journalists, influencers and any other person who has the ability to spread your message, a well crafted story.

Your product or service is worth more than a press release simply stating what your product or service is. This is the type of PR that is not rewarding and doesn’t help you build up your brand, drive traffic to your website or lead to any incoming enquiries.

First task you want to do is research the media people/publications/stations that you want to be mentioned in and get a feel for what content and stories they already share. This will give you an insight into their interests and help mould your marketing campaign to achieve media coverage.

when can I apply public relations to my business?

Maximising PR exposure for your business starts with developing an idea that is a newsworthy story. This will require creativity, knowledge of your product/service/industry and a plan to make it happen. Applying public relations to your business can be when you’re going through any of the following:

  • New product/service
  • Expanding team
  • Rebranding
  • Receiving investment
  • Client successes
  • Achieved awards/accreditations

how does marketing link with public relations?

If you’re marketing online, PR can help with both SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media. When you create content that is newsworthy and people in the media pick this story up, more often than not, they will link back to your website/blog/microsite. This link back to your website is a seen by Google as a plus and in turn will increase your performance in search engine.

Using social media can be great for building relationships with all the bloggers, journalists and editors that can help promote your well crafted story. Twitter, for example is a great channel to research and gather insights on the media people you want to connect with.

where can I find out more about public relations?

Whether you are bootstrapping your business all the way to the bank or have a respectable marketing budget, you can use PR as a part of your marketing to increase your brand awareness and trust. Either budget size will lead you to be creative with your resources in order build sustainable and strategic partnerships.

Here at bmicro, we’re happy to help you out with generating ideas and crafting a compelling campaign you can use to build media relations. Talk to us today.