PICE framework

We use our own strategic framework when delivering any of our marketing services. This framework has been designed by one of our marketing consultants to help micro businesses understand how building a brand links to key marketing disciplines, notably  content marketing, customer segmentation, influencer marketing and social media.

The PICE framework is a complete approach to brand building. After completing a workshop using the PICE framework, you will be able to write your own marketing strategy and have the tactical knowledge to start implementing it.

using PICE

If you're looking to create any form of marketing strategy, be that a content, digital, or social media strategy our interactive workshops use PICE to cover all the areas you need to be concerned with. The PICE framework looks at who your personas are and we help you create one. We'll then move onto influencers and provide context around who these people are and how you can find them. Up next we explore curating and creating content and look at how to measure it. Finally, we look at engagement and help you choose what social media activity and channels are right for you.