marketing consultancy for micro businesses.


Thinking big isn’t just for big companies. bmicro helps you focus on the value you bring, better than anyone else. Our aim is to make micro businesses self sufficient with their marketing, we do this through a series of interactive workshops and training.

why bmicro?

bmicro are passionate about micro businesses, business growth and marketing. We understand that marketing may not be your strongest asset, and with new ways of marketing online we know there's a lot of noise out there. 

We want to give you the tools and expertise to help you with your marketing. By working with us we will provide you with a focused approach allowing you to make the right choices on how to grow your business. We'll help you generate ideas, put actions plans in place, help you measure the return and do all this with your current resource available.

If you're looking to significantly invest in your marketing, our experience and network offers you the chance to tap into a group of highly talented individuals in the Liverpool City Region that can be of assistance.

We think big and want you to as well. be micro, think macro

our partners




Innovators Hub are a network of freelancers and content creators from Liverpool who work with bmicro to deliver the content we suggest to our clients. They can help micro businesses with copywriting, events management, film, motion graphic design and video production.


LaunchCode are a group of young entrepreneurs from Liverpool who build and deliver websites for bmicro clients. They offer economy, premium and ultimate website packages that are all mobile responsive and range from lead generation to e-commerce websites.