about bmicro

We work with people to understand what it is they want to achieve and why they’re doing it. Our focus is on helping business owners, social entrepreneurs and marketing teams grow their confidence using digital channels through consultancy, delivery, and training.

To do this, we look towards our own models and frameworks which are designed to ask the right questions and bring clarity around the challenges ahead.


Who are you targeting and why are they relevant? We explore your audience's mindset; understanding their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.


Why try to reach your audience one by one when you can work with influencers who can help you reach many? This exercise is designed to map out the influencers in communities.


When you draw patterns between content you stay aligned and add value. This model is used to develop keywords and themes that form the foundation of your content strategy.


Where should time and resource be spent? Channels, activities, the list is endless but your time isn’t. This process helps us to audit current activities and identify gaps within your digital communications.

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