content for micro businesses

what is content?

For marketing purposes, we refer to content as any form of communication through a certain channel or medium. The term content is heavily linked to content marketing and this includes but not limited to blogs, podcasts, videos and visuals as an example.

why is content so important?

Content is a way of communicating with your audience. It’s a way that people can find you on Google, it’s what people share on social media and talk about with their networks. The more you create, the more chance you have of having your business being talked about online and offline.

how do I create content?

Content can be created in many ways. You can create content online through your website by having a blog, you can create content for social media so people can share it and you can create content offline by using print and hosting events.

how do I choose which types of content to create?

This depends on what types of content your audience wants to digest, some may prefer to read, others may prefer to watch. By understanding your audience, you’ll be able to create content they’ll find useful and enjoy consuming.

Different types of content are consumed at different stages of the customer journey, similar to the purchasing funnel. At bmicro we follow the ABC rule, create content for awareness, behaviour and conversion.

why should I take part in content marketing?

If you’re looking to be found on Google, shared on social media and have a brand people trust, then content marketing is an avenue to explore. Content marketing can be a lead generator via website traffic and incoming enquiries, as a way of branding your business for recruitment drives and also a way of educating your audience about your products and services.

Content is complex and Google are forever changing the way they rank content in their search engine. No longer is about keyword stuffing your website and blogs full of the keywords you want to rank for. Balance the content you create online with general, commercial and intent driven keywords for best results. We show you how to go about doing this in our interactive workshops.