social listening for micro businesses

This week I kickstarted the bmicro Twitter account and started with some social listening. Hopefully this blog will help with an aspect of ‘social listening’ and if you’re not familiar with the term, in a nutshell, it’s a way to find people on social media, talking about information relating to your brand.

The topic I searched for was ‘micromarketing’. After scrolling through a few tweets through Twitter’s Advanced Search, I stumbled across the below tweet:

Bingo! Someone who is in need of marketing advice and specifically used the term micromarketing. I decided to like the tweet and reach out to them to see how I could help.

bmicro twitter help social listening.png

A few hours later I have a response that is something I’ve come across before and topical among small businesses advertising online, Facebook advertising. This powerful marketing tactic can provide a high performing ROI, however, it’s important to know your audience in order to target them effectively.

The response is below:

After reading this, I decided that it would be best to create a blog to help out @PhinneasCrow and also many other people who are wondering the same. 

identify a target demographic without the overhead for much research, nor many sales?

1. Use YouGovProfile site and search for a brand, person, or thing that relates to your target demographic
2. Have a think about what related interests your audiences would be interested in and search for them on YouGov
3. Take this data and mix and match between different search terms, you can then use this for your Facebook advertising when choosing their behaviours, demographics and interests

Below is an example of a YouGov search for Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations Interest:

This website is great! If you’re unsure where to start and low on data then this tool can help. 

This is also one of the tools bmicro use when creating personas.

how many different ads to put at one time?

1. You can use a number of different ads, try using one ad per objective
2. Facebook allow you to have a lot of different options, below are some examples of objectives you can achieve through Facebook campaigns
3. To manage multiple ads, use Facebook Power Editor

I won’t go into the specifics of Facebook advertising because it will take more than a short blog post to cover all. If you are interested in Facebook advertising and want to laser target your campaign, look at the following:

Lookalike audiences are particularly interesting. They allow you to embed code that Facebook provide onto your website and then target ads similar (lookalike) to the people who have viewed a particular page on your website. Facebook refer to this code as a conversion pixel

Finally, social listening is something I’ll be continuing to do and if there are any particular queries you’d like answering, feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to explain.

I also received some kind words from @PhinneasCrow for offering to help out.

If you would like to know more about Facebook Marketing and how to create your own Custom Audiences, talk to us today.